Testimonials and Case Studies

We absolutely love building great long-term relationships with our clients and finding workable solutions to make their business run more smoothly and lives less stressful. Here are some of our stories...


australasian society for medical perfusion

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Although ASMP has been operating for 20+ years, they are in the process of becoming an incorporation, professionalising their branding and increasing engagement with their members as they prepared to launch a new world-first professional medical course.

Maximum Efficiency has been contracted to:

  • research and recommend a software package suitable for managing a CRM, membership subscriptions, course requirements and accounts processing to meet the association's current and future needs

  • establish the new CRM to manage memberships applications and renewals, process payments and the new course administration

  • develop a membership renewal process

  • upgrade the current website and

  • assist in the background business administration.

We were able to assist ASMP in automating the membership subscription process which requires minimal effort to maintain each year and brought in the necessary seed funding to allow the association to expand and develop its vital training package to medical students.

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One of our local medical perfusionists was making a conference presentation to hospital staff and medical students on Cardiopulmonary Bypass.

Maximum Efficiency assisted him in creating a professional PowerPoint presentation to support his training session. The PowerPoint included video clips and images providing an overview of the history of perfusion and a detailed explanation of how the heart lung machine works.



We are working with an established importer/manufacturer which has been operating as a medium sized family business for around 20 years. The business owners wanted to modernise and streamline their processes to increase sales and prepare to upscale their business.

Maximum Efficiency assisted them with the full package:

  • a complete office declutter and cupboard organisation

  • improving facilities presentation in preparation for a possible relocation

  • archiving of all obsolete paperwork

  • developing file management and paperflow systems

  • moving towards a paperless system

  • researching, comparing and establishing manufacturing and sales CRMs with accounts package including workflow set-up and integration, training and support

  • stock-take and management

  • marketing and financial reports to inform future marketing strategies, package profits and increase client communication and conversion rates

  • support in preparing for field days, sales processes and incentives and improvement in customer satisfaction

  • debtors management

  • strategies to streamline inefficient workflow processes and maximise profits.

This specialist manufacturer and importer is now enjoying a higher level of engagement and enthusiasm from its staff, increased sales, reduced outstanding debtors, a more presentable work space and simpler processes. As we work together, the business owners are looking forward to an increase in market share, streamlined online processes and sustainable business for future generations.

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Our massage therapist has just relocated and used our services to help them re-engage with their former clients and establish new clients in their new premises.

Maximum Efficiency was brought in to:

  • identify a suitable CRM with mobile capability

  • develop a strategic marketing planning

  • create email campaigns to engage current and former clients and encourage them to make bookings at the new location.

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A brand new business is being created to meet the growing demand for filming equipment and prop hire for film makers in Australia.

Maximum Efficiency has been contracted to:

  • research and recommend best hire management software

  • establish a new CRM to manage all equipment and prop hire bookings, returns, inventory, repairs, barcoding/scanning and purchases

  • develop an inventory management system

  • create a new website with online store integrated with CRM

  • establish and integrate accounting software and procedures

  • assist in the background business administration.

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wedding photography studio

We worked with a well established and successful wedding photography boutique to set up an efficient and ergonomic work environment as they relocated their home studio. Although they had been in business for over 10 years, they were so busy with the wedding photography side of their business that some of their business systems needed some upgrading.

Maximum Efficiency assisted them with the full package:

  • a complete office declutter and cupboard organisation following the relocation (while they photographed a wedding overseas)

  • paperless and productive - scanning and renaming all paper files so they are now easily accessible online from all devices

  • files spring clean - soft and hard copies

  • hard-drive file management, storage, directory and labeling

  • archiving of all obsolete files and hard drives

  • developing file management and paperflow systems

  • procedures manual

  • positioned for success consultation

  • package profit and budgeting assessments

  • CRM and accounts package workflow set-up and integration

  • marketing and financial reports to inform future marketing strategies, package profits and increase client communication and conversion rates

  • strategies to streamline inefficient workflow processes and maximise profits.

This wedding photography boutique has now taken on a new part time administration assistant and caught up on all of their processing work. The business owner will soon be enjoying an overseas holiday and their business is now in a strong position to:

  • target their ideal clients

  • increase their bookings and profit margins

  • be well prepared for peaks and troughs in their business and

  • be prepare in advance for tax reporting and

  • know exactly where they stand financially at any time.

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An electrician engaged the services of Maximum Efficiency to support them in developing streamlined processes and procedures to manage the large volume of work he was receiving.

We worked within the business CRM to streamline the processes and templates. We worked with the owner to create online forms which his field staff could quickly process on their mobiles at the end of each job instead of the owner having to manually fill out in hard copies for every job and post to the authority himself. This cut the time required for each job significantly and ensure all regulations could be met on time and with minimum effort.

To catch up with the backlog, we created an organised filing system for paper documents, written procedures and a catalog to facilitate fast access and future filing.

We scanned and saved all paper documents into a Dropbox folder using best-practise naming conventions.

We provided streamlining consultation and support in planning his personal, work and staff schedules to maximise the use of his time and resources and minimise time wasted on each job.

We set up the owner's calendar to organise tasks into a regular routine, grouping like tasks together and allowing blocks of time for important appointments such as time with his children, working on his business, preparation for overseas trips and buffer blocks to provide flexibility. We synced the owner's calendar with his iPhone so it is always accessible. 

We helped him plan and schedule routine short toolbox meetings with the staff.

We planned a system to manage timely preparation of customised warranty packs immediately following booking for presentation to the client at the completion of the job. 

We worked on the procedures manual to inform staff of each action required before, during and after a job to ensure client satisfaction and government requirements are met and to facilitate smooth business systems. 


information and communications agency - Sydney

This information and communications agency assists Australia’s private schools keep abreast of the changing demographics driving current and future enrollments and to better identify trends and opportunities.

Maximum Efficiency supported the agency by generating appointments to showcase their online statistical data solution to marketing directors and principals of private schools.



Lord Mayors Prayer Breakfast.JPG

lord mayor's prayer breakfast

In 2016, Maximum Efficiency was asked to assist in the event organisation of the Lord Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. The event management included venue and catering arrangements, program and speaker preparation, major sponsor support, AV and registration management, staff and volunteer management.

In particular, the key focus was to streamline the registration process so 200 guests could arrive and be seated quickly so the early breakfast program could start and finish on time for guests needing to leave for work.

cityfest - luis palau - laser tag game

Kingdom Works logo.jpeg

"We all know when it comes to pulling off an event you need the right people.

In 2012 we had the privilege and challenge of hosting a large scale two day event, CityFest in conjunction with Luis Palau on the Newcastle Foreshore. This event included local and international artists, 1,500+ volunteers and attracted 30,000+ people.Through this event we had a high level of engagement with Sandra as the direct representative of Hunter Christian School. This included the shaping of a financial sponsorship with the event as well as providing a larger outdoor laser tag game that made up part of the kids free entertainment.

This process was thorough, professional and enjoyable. Sandra’s ability to understand the heart and intent of our event was exceptional. This led to a tailor made sponsorship agreement that created a win-win situation for us and the organisation she was representing. It was both entrepreneurial and refreshing.

The laser tag game was delivered in a professional and well organised way with her team of volunteers that delivered for us a great experience for the hundreds of kids that used it.

The level of detail and excellence in delivery on this was extremely impressive! It is through our experience that I would wholeheartedly recommend Sandra to you as someone who is able to deliver professionally and in the process add credibility to your organisation.

I’m confident Sandra will be the right person for you to execute your ideas into a brilliant reality."

Many Blessings

Rick Prosser

Kingdomworks Chairman www.kingdomworks.org.au

CityServe Chairman www.cityserve.com.au

RUSH Youth Mentoring Director www.rushmentoring.org.au

Soul Cafe CEO www.soulcafe.org.au

Rhema Team.jpg

rhema fm newcastle

"It gives me much pleasure to be able to provide this letter of referral/endorsement to Sandra Briggs from Maximum Efficiency Streamlined Solutions.Our relationship with Sandra goes back many, many years and that relationship on a professional level has been excellent at every point in the process.The relationship was and is always a great one with very beneficial outcomes and Sandra’s strategic involvement with our radio station via marketing and many other areas was exemplary.Most of all the working relationship that Sandra built with our organisation was second to none and always excellent.We cannot recommend highly enough to you Sandra Briggs from Maximum Efficiency Streamlined Solutions. Without doubt, you will not be disappointed in her professional work ethic and ability to cooperate and work exceedingly well with your organisation always with your targets, objectives and goals uppermost in her mind."

John Marks CEO|Director|Chairman - 99.7 Newcastle Rhema FM

RFM Black.png

"I wanted to take this moment to share with you the great privilege I had to work with Sandra Briggs. I was the Account Manager for Newcastle Rhema FM 99.7 and working with Sandra was such an incredible opportunity.

We were able to partner on many events and occasions, creating a beneficial relationship for us both. We looked at ways to engage local communities and design something exciting and creative. These were called Family Fun Days, where the radio station was able to Live Broadcast from the event. It gave the station great local content that connected every listener and also raised the profile significantly of the school.

We also partnered on many Marketing Campaigns, which involved the use of Radio, Print and Digital components. These were all aligned to give the product maximum traction and influence with its audience.

It was such a great pleasure to work with Sandra. She understood her market really well, had a clear vision for the campaigns and gave us creative permission to partner alongside her.

I highly recommend a partnership with Sandra Briggs. I know that I can trust her completely and know that it'll be an enjoyable experience.

Michael Cauchi

Account Manager 99.7 Newcastle Rhema FM