Case Study

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An electrician engaged one of our Efficiency Advisors to support him in developing streamlined processes and procedures to manage the large volume of work he was receiving.

He already had a CRM he was familiar with so we worked within that CRM to streamline the processes and templates. We worked with the owner to create online forms which his field staff could quickly process on their mobiles at the end of each job instead of the owner having to manually fill out in hard copies for every job and post to the authority himself. This cut the time required for each job significantly and ensure all regulations could be met on time and with minimum effort.

To catch up with the backlog, we created an organised filing system for paper documents, written procedures and a catalog to facilitate fast access and future filing.

We scanned and saved all of his paper documents into a Dropbox folder using best-practise naming conventions.

We provided streamlining advice and support in planning his personal, work and staff schedules to maximise the use of his time and resources and minimise time wasted on each job so he could be more relaxed and spend better quality time with his kids.

The owner asked us to set up his calendar to organise tasks into a regular routine, grouping like tasks together and allowing blocks of time for important appointments such as time with his children, working on his business, preparation for overseas trips and buffer blocks to provide flexibility. We synced the owner's calendar with his iPhone so it is always accessible. 

The owner asked us to develop a system to manage timely preparation of customised warranty packs immediately following booking for presentation to the client at the completion of the job. 

We worked with the owner to develop a procedures manual to inform staff of each action required before, during and after a job to ensure client satisfaction and government requirements are met and to facilitate smooth business systems. The procedures manual also increased the value and sale-ability of his business should he choose to go down that path in the future.


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