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How would you like to work in a clean, clutter free office environment?

When your office is clean, tidy and inviting, you will know where everything is, save time not having to hunt through piles of paperwork several times a day and will have a clear mind to focus on the important goals you want to achieve. You will be proud to have visitors come to your office and you know that will be able to maintain it, quite easily, forever.

You are now in a position to focus on achieving your goals, moving forward in your business and thoroughly enjoy your weekends off with family and friends!

Life is good. How did this happen? You called Maximum Efficiency to come in and help you get everything in your office back in order - and coach you in easy strategies to maintain your new lifestyle.

We can assist you with:

  • de-cluttering your entire office, desk, paper and electronic filing and diary

  • streamlining your processes to maximise your efficiency and productivity

  • creating more time for the things in your life that matter most.

Let's make this dream your reality...

Now is the perfect opportunity to get your office sorted and a fresh start for the new year! 

Ask about our flexible packages to suit your budget.


Our Office Organiser team will transform your entire office into an enjoyable work space where you are relaxed, in control and on top of your game.

We will work together with you to:

  • de-clutter your office from excess papers, files, boxes etc
  • redesign your work space layout for greater ease, comfort and maximum productivity
  • assist you in cleaning everything down for a fresh start and
  • develop improved systems for managing the processes that slow you down.

This business boosting strategy will have you whistling while you work as the weight falls off your shoulders.

By the end of one your Office Declutter - you will be left with a beautifully, clean and tidy office that you are proud to invite visitors to, you will know where to find what you are looking for instantaneously and you will have plenty of new found space - vital for clear thinking and creativity!

Contact us today to book your Office Declutter. You will wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

Phone 0432 606 788 to book your Office Declutter today!

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PAPERLESS AND PRODUCTIVE (only available with purchase of Office Declutter)

Still struggling with copious amounts of paper? Filing cabinets and folders cramping your style?

Let us help you to cut out excessive wastage and clutter.

We will help you:

  • convert all of your important paper documents and files for the last two years into searchable electronic files for easy accessibility
  • transform all of your incoming paper streams into electronic formats
  • put systems in place that will eliminate paper wastage and reduce clutter and stress and save you time hunting for lost documents.

To bring your office into the 21st century, contact us today for a Paperless and Productive overhaul. 

Phone 0432 606 788 to become Paperless and Productive today!

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Send us a link to your Dropbox files and we will give them a spring clean:

  • folders logically named and sequenced for easy access and fast retrieval
  • current files dated and renamed with best-practise naming protocols
  • like documents brought together
  • duplicates deleted
  • unused files archived
  • everything given a logical, easy access home
  • all files sent back to you ready to upload as good as new!

All of your files will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and deleted from our system upon completion of the project.

Phone 0432 606 788 to give your Files a Spring Clean today!

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We will come and clean out your office cupboard - no matter what type of cupboard it is - stationery, storage, papers etc.

  • like things brought together
  • rubbish thrown out
  • cupboard spray and wiped down inside and out
  • everything given a logical, easy access home
  • good as new!

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ARCHIVE THE ANARCHY! (only available with purchase of Office Declutter)

In consultation with you, we will:

  • determine which paperwork, files, external or hard-drives are no longer required and can be disposed of
  • sort all remaining paperwork, files or hard-drives into logical order
  • label all files and hard-drives
  • archive older files and hard-drives
  • store current files and hard-drives
  • provide a directory for ongoing reference and maintenance.

Phone 0432 606 788 to arrange for us to Archive the Anarchy today!

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We guarantee your return on investment will be more than our fee!

Call Sandra today for an obligation free chat on 0432 606 788.