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How would you like to start the new year refreshed, energised and ready to go?

With a clear head and strategy for the way forward, you know exactly what you want to achieve, how to get there and what steps to take next.

You are now in a position to focus on achieving your goals, moving forward in your business and thoroughly enjoy your weekends off with family and friends!

Life is good. How did this happen? You booked an Efficiency Consultation to coach you in easy strategies to streamline your processes to achieve more in less time.

We can assist you with:

  • prioritising your most important goals this year and planning steps to achieve them
  • streamlining your processes to maximise your efficiency and productivity
  • preparing your medical association, practice or business to upscale
  • creating more time for the things in your life that matter most.


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Newcastle - Central Coast - Port Stephens - Sydney

Book your Onsite Efficiency Consultation to discuss the most efficient way to get your business, association or practice organised.

Get fully organised and streamline your processes. Get your team focused on the most critical tasks.

We work with a select number of organisations at one time to ensure we are able to provide a very customised and high value service to each client.

We require a minimum commitment of 6 months from you to be able to make effective long-term improvements and change. 

Over the next six months, we will help you find and implement streamlined solutions to make essential tasks simpler, easier and faster to achieve and increase the productivity of your team.

Following the initial intensive six month's Efficiency Consultancy, we will provide you with ongoing support to help your team stay on track, quickly identify areas where you can increase profitability and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Each month we will go into your systems and check everything is operating at optimal performance and contact you to discuss your business progress and areas of improvement and new opportunities.





Positioned for Success is a 6 x 45 minute Online Consultation Series to help you achieve your most important goals in the next twelve months.

We will support you in prioritising your tasks and planning your year ahead to ensure you achieve success with processes that best suit your personal style.

Maximise the potential of upcoming opportunities and protect your personal and family time.

By completing Positioned for Success, you will have a clear way forward to a successful year.

In this package we will provide you with customised templates, tip-sheets and checklists which will help you achieve your goals this year.

The 6 x 45 minute Positioned for Success Online Consultation Series is an investment of AUD $163 per session.





The online Streamlining Consultation series assists focused business owners and medical professionals streamline tasks that take the most amount of time or that you find the most tedious so you will have time and energy to focus the most critical strategies that will grow your association, practice or business successfully.

We will help you find and implement streamlined solutions to make essential tasks simpler, easier and faster to achieve and increase the productivity of your team.

This package includes 12 weekly 45 minute consultation sessions to make significant progress on streamlining your organisation and is an investment of AUD $236 per session.

In this package, we will include industry specific templates, tip-sheets and checklists to start streamlining your systems and processes immediately.


Efficiency Course

Coming Soon!

Our Online Efficiency Course is coming soon. Select the modules that will make the biggest difference to you immediately and work through the course at your own speed at a time that suits you.

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