PROCEDURES MANUALS (per team member)

PROCEDURES MANUALS (per team member)

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Arrange to have a complete procedures manual developed for each of your staff members.

Our team will work with your staff to develop full documentation of each step taken to accomplish all routine tasks in their position description.

The benefits your business or organisation will gain by creating updated and complete procedures manuals includes:

  • we can work with staff or provide recommendations to management on ways to simplify or streamline processes to increase productivity and reduce tedious aspects of the job
  • streamline processes across positions and departments
  • eliminate duplication of tasks by more than one employee
  • covering staff on annual leave or during peak times will be simplified as you can assign certain tasks to a virtual assistant or temporary employee or redistribute across other employees
  • integrating and training new staff will be much faster and simpler with clearly written procedures and supporting information at hand
  • all procedures manuals in your organisation will be consistent and can be stored and managed centrally with version control
  • developing new position descriptions will be easier.

We usually start by working with your staff and management to confirm that each position description is updated and accurate. We then work from handwritten or typed notes your staff may already have and with online discussions via Skype or email to clarify tasks with each staff member.

When your procedures manuals have been completed for each staff member, your staff will feel more confident that tasks can be accomplished well in their absence, management will know that tasks are handled in the most efficient manner and your business will enjoy greater productivity and increased market value and saleability.

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