Thank you Sandra. You have made it so easy.
I can’t believe how far we have come in one year.
— Dr Cesar Fernandez-Cornejo Secretary/Treasurer ASMP

Are you a business owner looking for some help in streamlining your business?

I love streamlining processes and finding the simplest and easiest way to get a task done. I really don’t see the point in wasting time doing a routine task over and over again when there is a simpler way.

If you can automate it, eliminate it or delegate it, why are you doing it as the business owner?

Why continue with the mundane tasks, that just slow you down, when you should be focusing on strategies that will grow your business?

I guarantee your return on investment will be more than our fee!

Call Sandra today for an obligation free chat on 0432 606 788.

You can rest assured that with over 20 years’ experience in a wide range of industries and businesses, I have the background and experience to quickly identify the areas we should be targeting first to get the fastest possible turnaround for your team.

My extensive knowledge in business management, systems and processes, office organisation, documentation, administration and marketing will help you fill in any gaps you might currently have in your business.

Let’s get you and your team operating productively and get ready to upscale your business!

Background Business Experience

I’m proud to admit I now have over 20 years’ business experience in:

  • business management

  • executive level corporate administration

  • streamlining systems and processes

  • policy and procedures documentation

  • project management

  • event planning and management

  • marketing

  • corporate sponsorship

  • professional fundraising and

  • accounts and budgeting

in a wide variety of industries including:

  • scientific and medical research and non-profit

  • university, primary and secondary education

  • small and medium sized business

  • tourism, wholesale and retail

  • insurance and manufacturing.

In recent years, one of my greatest accomplishments was to achieve outstanding marketing outcomes for private schools.

working Style

People who have worked closely with me and know me well describe me as:

  • competent and respected

  • calm, achieves a lot with no fuss

  • reliable and hardworking

  • genuine with great people skills

  • friendly, compassionate, warm, gets on well with everyone.

They tell me my key strengths are:

  • innovative problem solving

  • thorough planning and attention to detail

  • organised

  • tenacious achiever.


Give me a call today to discuss how we can find that extra time you need to focus on growing your business - 0432 606 788.